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50 States Song


Vincent Van Gogh


Sample Science Project


Sample Science Project




V. Nam

Module 5 Lesson 20: Classifying Shapes


Module 5 lesson 14: Finding area of certain parts of the whole


Module 5 Lesson 13: Multiplying Fractions using Area model


Module 5 Lesson 7: Difficult Dimensions


Module 5 Lesson 4: Volume


Module 4 Lesson 17: Fractions as Decimal


Module 4 lesson 13: Multiplying fractions with fractions


Module 4 lesson 11:Multiplying fractions with Whole Numbers


Module 4 lesson 8


Module 4 lesson 6


Module 4 lesson 5: Solving Word problem with division as a fraction


Module 4 lesson 4: Using tape diagram to model fraction as a division


Module 4 lesson 2: Interpet division as a fraction


Module 4 lesson 1: Plotting measurments on a numberline using fractions


Module 3 Lesson 16: Parts to Whole Relationships


Module 3 Lesson 15: Solving Multi-Step word problems

Module 3 Lesson 14: Rearrange to Solve Problems mentally


Module 3 lesson 8: Addign and Subtracting Fractions from Whole Numbers


Module 3 lesson 7: Two step word problem


Module 3 lesson 6: Subtracting fractions with numbers between 1 and 2


Module 3 lesson 5: Subtracting Fractions


Module 3 lesson 4: Adding fraction with sums between 1 and 2


Module 3 lesson 3: Adding and Subtracting with Unlike Demoninator


Module 3 lesson 1: Equivalent Fraction


Module 2 lesson 26


Module 2 lesson 23 Dividing with two digit divisor


Module 2 Lesson 12


Module 2 Lesson 11


Module 2 lesson 8: Estimation with Standard Algorithm for Multiplication


Module 2 lesson 7: Multiplication using area model with partial product


Module 2 lesson 5: Using Area Model to show connection to Standard Algorithm


Module 2 lesson 4: Convert numerical expression to unit form


Module 2 lesson 3: Using Visual for Expression


Module 2 lesson 2: Estimation with Multiplication


Module 1 lesson 16: Dividing using tape diagram


Module 1 lesson 14 Dividing decimal using place value and standard algorithm


Module 1 lesson 12 multiply decimal with place value chart


Module 1 lesson 11


Module 1 lesson 10


Module 1 Lesson 9


Module 1 lesson 7


Module 1 lesson 6


Module 1 lesson 5


Module 1 Lesson 3




MATH VIDEO: Module 1 lesson 2


Current Assignments


Today: 5/26/19

Research Writing: Draft


Narrative Nonfiction Explained


Informational Writing: Closing


Informational Writing: 1st Draft


Informational Writing: Hook and Introduction


Informational Writing: Making a Plan


Informational Writing: Brainstorming


Informational Writing: Introduction